The =167= Clan strives to keep our FiveM server fair and fun. As such, we’ve established some basic rules in order to facilitate these values. These rules are also located in our Discord and can be modified by server administration as needed.



We strongly recommend all players register on our CAD by going here: . Players may not RP their identity out in-game, they need to use an identity which they registered on the CAD. Players who haven’t registered on the CAD will be subject to arrest for driving without a license. If a player plans on possessing a weapon, they are able to register a Concealed Carry License in our CAD as well. To be valid, CAD identities must include a FULL name and date of birth. They don’t have to match yours IRL, just be sure to remember them!

While not required, in addition to registering their person, we suggest players register their player-purchased vehicles in the CAD as well. They may not register a vehicle stolen from a civilian or another player into the CAD- only vehicles they purchased at the car dealership.



A microphone and use of voice chat are required in order to play in the FiveM server. In addition, players will conduct themselves in a reasonable manner while using VOIP. Anyone caught screaming (outside of a scenario where yelling may be appropriate), using a voice changer, spamming music/soundboards or causing problems with voice chat will be kicked.



Players are not permitted to “police bait”, which is defined as harassing or antagonizing police in order to initiate a chase. While the instigation of reasonable scenarios is permitted, driving past a police cruiser going 130MPH multiple times is not. This includes griefing police by randomly and intentionally ramming into their vehicles.



Citizens should play out interactions with the police as if it were real life. Fleeing when you see the police or fleeing from a stop when you have no logical reason to will be in violation of this rule. No one flees at high speeds from the police to avoid a $150 stop sign ticket. Likewise, opening fire on police or getting into a heated gunfight with police for no logical reason will also be in violation of this rule. If you are running from the police or are engaged in conflict with another player, you may not repair your vehicle mid-pursuit using the /repair command. This includes quickly stopping at a repair shop.


911 SPAM / 911 FAIL RP

Players may not initiate more than one 911 call per incident or problem they are witnessing. Spamming 911 will not be tolerated. Misuse of 911 is allowed per server rules, but is considered a crime.

Players may not call 911 if their character is dead.



Players are expected to follow the instructions of police if they are near a scenario which they aren’t a part of. This includes those who wish to “assist” police through vigilantism. Players who excessively “rubber neck” or linger at or near a scenario they aren’t involved in may be kicked if they are found to have interfered with the scenario.  If you aren’t part of the scenario, please stay out of it. If a player was not found to have interfered, they may be subject to arrest per the Obstruction of Justice law.



We are pretty lenient with mildly breaking RP in-game. If you have to explain to a person what key they have to press or what command they have to type in order to perform a function in-game, go right ahead. If they don’t know how to register on the CAD and require assistance, by all means, give it to them. We will never punish a player for being helpful, as long as it relates to the game and/or server in some respect.



The AOP displayed on the bottom of the server is where people are asked to stay. Players found outside the AOP may be teleported back into the AOP. Those engaged in pursuit, criminal(s) AND police, are permitted to leave the AOP for the duration of the pursuit. Once the pursuit ends, players shall promptly return to the AOP. Players are permitted to leave AOP as necessary to complete their jobs, however, once their job is completed, they must return to the AOP. Players MAY NOT commit crimes, such as store robberies, outside of the AOP; doing so will result in being admin killed, causing a total loss of their items and money.



Priority calls, such as store robberies, pursuits, hostage situations and shootings shall be limited in frequency. Under no circumstances shall two priority calls run at the same time, nor shall priority calls run so often as to interfere with law enforcement’s ability to patrol and perform other tasks. While a priority call is in progress or while priority cooldown is active, no additional robberies, pursuits, shootings or hostage situations may occur. Peacetime in the server may be enabled as needed. All non-traffic laws shall be followed during peacetime. If pulled over for a violation of a traffic law during peacetime, compliance with the police is MANDATORY. No pursuits, no gunfights, no resisting.



Random deathmatch and Vehicle deathmatch are not allowed. Players are not allowed to intentionally and randomly smash into other vehicles. Players are not allowed to go postal and start mowing people down without a reason. If there isn’t an exchange or an ongoing scenario which leads up to shooting or smashing into vehicles, this is considered RDM or VDM, respectively.

Griefing will not be tolerated here either. Do not interfere with ongoing RP scenarios. Players who are killed by VDM or RDM amidst a scenario are permitted to be revived, either by themselves or another player, without having received medical aid. If someone breaks a rule and interferes, reset the scenario and notify an administrator if needed.



Players are not permitted to return to a scenario after respawning. New life, new scenarios. This rule does not apply to players who were the victim of VDM, RDM or a violation of the rules.



Players may not pull long guns, swords or axes out of their asses. If you couldn’t realistically conceal it IRL, you cannot pull the weapon from your person. Utilizing a long-gun will require going to a vehicle capable of storing said firearm and equipping it directly next to the vehicle, in a bag, or somewhere with a reasonable RP justification.  No typing of text is required, however, a clear and evident effort must be made to demonstrate removal of the weapon from a vehicle. When you return to your vehicle and no longer wield the long gun, the weapon is considered “put away”.



We believe that, realistically, both of these crimes can happen IRL. As such, we permit them to an extent.

Police vehicles MAY NOT be stolen from a traffic stop, call that police are responding to, etc. Police vehicles that were CLEARLY NOT being used by a player (static spawn parked in front of a PD) or ones used by AI may be stolen. Beware, this is a crime and the police will likely come after you.

Impersonation of police is also permitted to an extent. Players MAY NOT impersonate a specific player who is a police officer in the server. They may, however, wear clothing similar to that of law enforcement in the server. This is also illegal and the police will likely come after you.



Everyone takes the game seriously to some extent. As such, players are expected to act as if their player’s life is of importance to them. This means that they cannot perform actions which are clearly unreasonable and unrealistic. This also means that dangerously joyriding at extreme speeds also violates our FEAR RP policy. As an example, players who are handcuffed and in police custody may not attempt suicide by running into a car, jumping off a cliff, etc. to avoid being placed in jail.



Combat logging is the act of exiting the server in order to avoid a confrontation, being placed in jail or any other situation which a player would like to avoid. Combat logging is not acceptable and won’t be tolerated.



Spawn areas, hospitals, police stations and their immediate surroundings are considered “safe zones”. ZERO combat will be tolerated in these locations, as they are staging areas.



If, by some chance, a player is able to access an otherwise-inaccessible or unrealistic weapon, vehicle or ped, they shall not use them. This includes weapons such as rocket launchers, vehicles such as jets or RC cars and peds which clearly contradict the environment we’re trying to create.


Cheating and glitching are disallowed as well. Utilizing God modes, Noclips, invisible features, etc. are all forbidden, even if a player manages to gain access to said features through saved menu settings, external files or the like. Abusing a known glitch or bug is also against the rules. Violating these will result in an immediate ban.



The police must utilize, to the best of their ability, the standards of the Use of Force Continuum when carrying out their duties. They must be conscious of and abide by the Constitutional Rights of citizens, per the US Constitution.

Police may not perform a traffic stop without having witnessed a crime, traffic violation or without probable cause such as a vehicle or person matching the description of a BOLO or call.

Police who arrest a player must mirandize them and provide a clear explanation of the charges. Police who fine a player must explain the infraction and amount of the fine.



Players shall not initiate or play out gruesome scenarios such as school shootings, rapes, crimes against children or suicides. Officer assassinations (walking up to a cop’s car and shooting them point blank without reason) also fall under this rule.



While on-duty, unless reasonably necessary in carrying out their duties, police officers are expected to follow all laws including traffic laws.



Players are expected to behave somewhat realistically to what would happen in real life.

When suspects see a police car pull up near them, even if they believe they’re wanted, they don’t speed off at 90MPH without being pulled over. That would draw unwanted attention to them… hence unrealistic.

When a person is pulled over for running a red, unless they’ve got a warrant on them or a good reason to flee, we expect folks will play out the traffic stop.

If a person has something on them they shouldn’t, that doesn’t automatically mean they flee or get into a shootout with police.

Players who get into constant gunfights or pursuits, especially if there isn’t reasonable justification for them, will be confronted by admins.

Likewise, police aren’t permitted to perform traffic stops or searches without probable cause, even if they believe a person is guilty of a crime. Police may pull a person over for committing any traffic violation as a means of further investigating- that’s true to real life.

For a good guide on what’s reasonable, we urge folks to watch some COPS re-runs or episodes of LivePD.



In instances of evident bugs/glitches or a violation of rules, administrators will attempt to reimburse players for losses. Individuals lacking sufficient evidence to substantiate claims of bugs, griefing, losses etc. may be denied compensation for losses.

As a rule of thumb, we encourage players to avoid potentially risky behavior. Intentionally trying to perform a risky maneuver or trying to squeeze a trailer under an area with insufficient height will be considered user error and you will not be reimbursed.

Administrators will not repair your vehicles, teleport you to places, give you items/money, etc. upon request. Players are expected to earn their belongings and this applies to administrators as well. Administrative activity is logged and monitored by the developers.

Administrators drive black and white tahoes with PURPLE lights when responding to situations or when on duty and wear clearly marked ADMIN reflective vests. Any area with admin presence is considered a “safe zone” and as such, no RP will take place in the immediate vicinity.  If you see purple lights, stay away and do not rubberneck or interfere.  If an admin vehicle is blocking a path, road, or otherwise, it means that the area is being utilized for admin purposes.  Do not enter the area. Attacking an administrator or attempting to steal an admin vehicle will result in an immediate ban. Even if the admin vehicle is unoccupied or idle, no one but administrators should be utilizing it under any circumstance.


No exceptions or accommodations shall be made for individuals who do not wish to adhere to our server rules. Server administrators shall maintain uniform expectations and shall hold those who fail to meet them accountable.
Ignorance of any clearly written and published rule is not an excuse and all violations will be treated as if they are intentional.
Server administrators and server ownership reserve the right to take corrective action toward actions/behavior(s) which they deem to be disruptive, unacceptable or clearly detract from the fellow players’ experience, even if the actions/behavior(s) do not directly violate a rule or policy listed on this page.