Donate to =167=

We are a group of gamers from around the world and do not wish to profit from our hobby. There is, however, a cost associated with running good servers, websites and a community which takes pride in the experience of members and guests alike.

In the spirit of transparency and trust, we will list all of the community-related expenses below. These do not include one-time expenses for scripts, MLO’s, or other additions to the server or community.



Last Updated: 04/03/24

VPS (x4): $67.62/mo

Domain Name: $0.99/mo

Wurm Deed (Main): ~ $15.00/mo

Wurm Deed (Alt.): ~ $3.00/mo

Arma 2 DayZ Server: $10.75/mo

MONTHLY TOTAL: $97.36/mo

YEARLY TOTAL: ~ $1,168.32/yr


Anyone who is in our Discord who donates will receive the “Generous Donor” role. No game-breaking in-game benefits are offered for donations, just a small recognition and our thanks. All donations are non-refundable. Having made a donation does not grant immunity to following the rules nor does it influence decisions on promotions, administrator privileges, etc. It also does not have any impact on giveaways. Tips and subscriptions to streamers who are part of the community do not count toward community donations. Members who subscribe to or tip MaverickThePatriot will receive the “Maverick’s Patriot Nation” role instead.