Bust Database and Website Improvements

Published by Col. Rick on

  Over the next few months, we will be rolling out major improvements to our website and bust database. Visitors may notice that our bust database appears to have been wiped. This is partially true. As we have overhauled and upgraded the database, the old data was no longer compatible with the new system. Information has been preserved and is available to clan members. Members will immediately notice easier to complete bust report forms. Bust IDs, dates and times automatically populate in all reports. As new data is inputted into our new system, they’ll also notice that they have far greater ability to track bust analytics. Lists will be automatically generated which will give us the ability to track busts by measures not previously used- including time of bust. Our new database system will allow us to track all kinds of trends of open-world crime in APB. We are also creating the “Crime Analyst” position within the clan. Our new Crime Analyst will be responsible for monitoring bust reports, tracking trends in open-world crime and will advise patrol officers accordingly to implement more effective targeted patrols of San Paro. We are very excited about our new system and look forward to seeing the great results it will yield. If the criminals hated our bust database before, they’re about to experience a whole new ballgame. Game on.
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