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Q. When were you founded? A. The SPPD Street Crime Unit was founded in June of 2011 in the Joker server. It is a Division of the =167= Gaming Clan, which I founded in April of 2003.     Q. What makes SPPD Street Crime Unit unique? A. The SPPD Street Crime Unit has a law enforcement structure that makes it unique from other clans. We provide realistic uniforms and vehicles free of charge to all clan members as a benefit of joining. As members progress in rank within the clan, they unlock additional uniforms and vehicles. We also have awards which are posted as ribbon racks on our clan website’s roster to recognize members for their achievements and efforts within the clan.   New Officers generally start in the Patrol Division, where they attend the Patrol Academy. Upon graduation, they are sent out to the streets to witness criminals in the act of open-world crime. The Patrol Division has a database containing information from all of our criminal busts, which Officers use to perform targeted patrols. The database gives Officers an ability to lookup any criminal character and see all prior busts involving the SCU, like a criminal history.   Once an Officer has excelled in the Patrol Division, or if they meet the qualifications upon acceptance into the clan, they are placed into the Field Operations Division. Field Operations Officers play in organized mission groups. Once in Field Operations, Officers are eventually eligible for the SWAT Team- our elite group among the clan. SWAT Officers have their own specialized uniforms and vehicles and are among the best of APB.   Once a member has tenure with the SPPD Street Crime Unit, they are eligible for promotions as Field Training Officers, Corporals and eventually Sergeants. Sergeants can act as supervisors for specific divisions, or can be utilized in administrative and support roles for the clan. As members are promoted to leadership positions and roles within the clan, they undergo a real-world leadership training course which allows them to be effective leaders in and out of the clan. Over the years, many clan members have come back to me and told me that the training they received in =167= actually helped them in some capacity of their real-life world. Overall, the SPPD Street Crime Unit strives to add significantly more content and purpose than simply playing the game. We add a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and a framework which promotes teamwork and growth.     Q. Uniforms and Vehicles Free of Charge? What’s the catch? A. There is no real catch- this is our theme. When vehicles and uniforms are issued, members agree that they will return any and all issued vehicles and uniforms should they depart the clan so we can reissue them to new members.     Q. Am I required to wear the Uniform and drive the Vehicle all the time? A. No. When you join, you agree to utilize your uniform and vehicle whenever you are “on duty”. Members are considered “on duty” when they are in a group of two or more SCU members, or when they are patrolling for ram raiders. If a member is playing solo, or in a non-clan group, they are welcome to wear their own personal clothing and drive their own personal vehicles. If a member wants to represent the clan and wear their uniform all the time, we encourage them and appreciate it, but its not required.     Q. Why do I need Discord and a Microphone to join? A. Discord is a free and light-weight VOIP software. It allows our clan to organize and communicate outside of APB: Reloaded. We require members to have a microphone in order to effectively communicate during patrols and missions.     Q. What am I expected to do once I join? A. We ask that members of the SPPD Street Crime Unit are somewhat active. This means that they play a minimum of a few hours per week. We ask that the members are also active on our Discord, even if they aren’t actively playing APB: Reloaded, we’d like to see them online interacting with one another and participating in the clan. We expect members to follow the clan’s rules, policies and procedures, which are posted on our website and mostly coincide with maturity and common sense. We expect the members to bring to the table a positive attitude, act as a team player and have the ability to follow instructions by leaders during training, patrols and missions.     Q. Do you currently have any Public Safety or Military members in your clan? A. Yes. We have several members who serve or served in the United States Military. We also have members who are public safety professionals, working in Emergency Medical Services and Security. We also have two awards, designed to recognize those who serve their country and/or community by being in the military or by serving in a public safety capacity. If you serve your country and/or community and join the SPPD Street Crime Unit, let us know so we can recognize you for your service.     Q. Do you roleplay? A. Despite popular belief, we don’t roleplay. The =167= Clan has been running with an organized, paramilitary structure since it was founded in 2003. Our police theme is tailored to APB: Reloaded, and our uniforms and vehicles match as a means for us to attract attention and maintain our notoriety as one of the most well-known enforcer clans in APB. Our bust database is used as a means to patrol APB efficiently, while allowing us to showcase the criminal busts our clan makes- it gives us something other clans don’t have. We don’t participate in traffic stops or fantasy activities- we don’t pretend to be Law Enforcement. We play the game by doing missions and witnessing people, while using the vehicles, uniforms and structure as our shtick.     Q. I’m new to APB: Reloaded, can I join? A. We encourage players of all skill levels, threats and ranks to apply for the SPPD Street Crime Unit. We all started out as Trainees when we played. The SPPD Street Crime Unit has experienced members and a structure that allows for members to grow, through training and experience, at their own pace. We will never shame a player for being a low rank or unintentionally dethreating. Our ultimate goal as a clan is to provide a fun, friendly environment where like-minded players can logon, play together and ultimately contribute to the revival of APB: Reloaded.   If you have questions that this post did not answer, don’t hesitate to jump on our Discord for more information.
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