Busted This Week:


Whats new with the =167= Clan:

New Site Theme

Thanks to Col. Rick, our website now has a new look!  Everything should look the same, but with a more modern approach. Thanks, Rick for the awesome redesign!

Backup TeamSpeak 3 Server

The =167= Clan maintains a 20-user TeamSpeak 3 as a backup VOIP server should Discord ever fail. TeamSpeak 3 can be downloaded here: https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads You can connect to our TeamSpeak 3 directly by clicking this link: ts3server:// Read more…

Recruitment FAQ

Q. When were you founded? A. The SPPD Street Crime Unit was founded in June of 2011 in the Joker server. It is a Division of the =167= Gaming Clan, which I founded in April of 2003. Read more…