The =167= Clan utilizes an abridged US Army-style ranking system. Although not impossible, it takes significantly more time and effort to obtain promotions and rank in =167= than in other clans.


COLONEL (COL.) The Colonel is the highest ranking member of =167=, serving as the Clan Commander.
LIEUTENANT COLONEL (LTC.) The Lieutenant Colonel serves as the Assistant Clan Commander. He/she is the senior advisor and aide to the Clan Commander.
MAJOR (MAJ.) Majors are typically seasoned and tenured staff officers within the Headquarters Division.
CAPTAIN (CPT.) Captains are typically in charge of a Game Unit within the clan. Some Captains may serve in the Headquarters Division as staff officers.
LIEUTENANT (LT.) Lieutenants serve as Assistant Commanders of Game Units.
SERGEANT (SGT.) Sergeants serve in a supervisory/moderator capacity within Game Units.
CORPORAL (CPL.) Corporals have actively served for a minimum of 2 years or currently serve in an administrative support position.
PRIVATE FIRST CLASS (PFC.) Private First Classes have actively served for a minimum of 1 year.
PRIVATE (PV2.) Private (E-2)s have actively served for a minimum of 6 months.
PRIVATE (PVT.) Privates are members who have completed their probationary period and have been accepted as a full member of the clan.
RECRUIT (RCT.) Recruits are applicants who are on a trial period and are being evaluated for potential membership into the clan.