We are a group of gamers from around the world and do not wish to profit from our hobby. There is, however, a cost associated with running good servers, websites and a clan which takes pride in the experience of members and guests alike.

In the spirit of transparency, below is a list of expenses that illustrate our upkeep costs. We appreciate any and all contributions to the upkeep of our servers and clan.

Clan members who donate a minimum of $5 will receive the Donation Ribbon. Anyone who is in our Discord who donates will receive the “Generous Donor” role. Since we do not believe in monetization of any kind, no tangible in-game benefits are offered for donations, just a small recognition and our thanks.

All donations made on the FiveM section of our website will be used to offset FiveM-related expenses only.


EXPENSES (As of 04/24/2020)


Expense Amount Payment Cycle
Webhosting $89.40 Yearly
Domain Name $33.87 Yearly
TeamSpeak 3 Server $4.59 Monthly
Virtual Private Server (Running Backup TeamSpeak and FiveM) $34.71 Monthly
CAD Software $5.17* Monthly

* Amount fluctuates based on currency exchange rates of USD and GBP. Amount listed is the exchange rate as of 04/01/20.

Donations are made to help support our servers, website and any FiveM-related services. Donations are non-refundable.