=167= Clan Affiliation

Although not required, members of all areas are encouraged to join the =167= officially.  All public safety supervisors and server moderators are required to become affiliated with =167=.  Regardless of their rank in FiveM, new members will start off as E-0 (Recruit) and work independently through the =167= ranking.  Upon achieving FULL member status (E-1+) they will be allowed to apply to become a server moderator.


Affiliation Expectations

In order to become affiliated, and maintain membership within the clan, they must continually meet the following criterion:

  1. Meet all membership prerequisites (including age)
  2. Be in good standing with the server (few->no recent incidents where administrative action takes place)
  3. Have consistent activity within the server
  4. Adhere to member conduct, both in and out of the game.
  5. Represent =167= in a positive way
  6. Attend required meetings, and follow all =167= rules and clan policies
  7. Continue to be a positive role model in the server

Affiliation Perks

Becoming a =167= member provides various perks and privileges including but not limited to:

  1. Priority public safety application
  2. Priority whitelist job requests
  3. Ability to shape the direction of our clan and server
  4. Be involved in various clan activities
  5. Gain relationships with other members and allied clans

Becoming a =167= member will NOT allow you to break rules in our server, or gain an unfair advantage.  We treat members and nonmembers equally when it comes to administrative actions.


Affiliation Instructions

  1. Verify you meet all criterion to affiliate
  2. Send Maj. Nap (Nap14hockey#1957) a message on discord asking about affiliation
  3. Follow training protocols and attend orientation
  4. Pass probation period