1.2 – Must have a working, clear-sounding microphone. Microphone should be set to push-to-talk so players don’t hear background noise coming from your character.

1.3 – Character name must sound realistic and cannot contain profanity. (The name “Dick”, short for Richard, is not profane in and of itself.)

1.4 – Players must register their characters in the CAD.

1.5 – Players must follow Twitch Community Guidelines*. (We strive to be streamer-friendly.)

1.6 – No toxic behavior; even in-character during RP.

1.7 – Since we are aiming to be streamer-friendly, playing copyrighted music in-game in a manner which other players can hear (such as through your mic) is prohibited.

1.8 – Do not advertise for, or encourage others to join, other servers.

* Twitch Community Guidelines:



2.1 – Players can be reported using the /report command. False reports and dishonesty with staff are prohibited.

2.2 – Administrators and Moderators will actively enforce rules and respond to reports. Interfering with their ability to do so or arguing with them is an immediate 1-day ban.

2.3 – Administrators are not your personal genie. They will not compensate losses, repair vehicles, teleport players, revive, or give anyone items/money upon request. All administrative actions are logged and monitored by management.


3.1 – Stay in-character at all times unless an administrator is present and instructs you to break character.

3.2 – If someone breaks rules or character, try your best to finish the scenario while staying in character and abiding by the rules. Don’t confront someone and say, “that’s against the rules”, just report the incident to staff and let them handle it.

3.3 – Do not try to bait others into breaking RP or server rules.

3.4 – Do not use information learned outside of gameplay to influence your character’s behavior. Likewise, do not use knowledge gained by playing one character to influence the actions of another.

3.5 – Do not use outside resources (such as Discord voice or DMs) to disseminate roleplay-related information to one another. (Example: If a criminal is acting as a spotter for a robbery crew, they can only use the in-game radio or cell phone to communicate with the rest of their crew.)

3.6 – Players shall not unrealistically inject themselves into ongoing situations or shootouts. (Permissible Example: If a shooting or robbery occurs, non-police players / “good samaritans” are allowed to intervene. They’re allowed to defend themselves, other innocent players, and even attempt to detain a criminal if realistically and reasonably possible.)

3.7 – Rates and prices of services should be negotiated and agreed to up front. Bait and switch, or performing a service then asking for an astronomical amount, is prohibited.


4.1 – OOC should only be used for technical issues and questions about keybinds or commands. Questions/comments relating to in-game activities or features, such as locations of drop-off points, shops, etc. should be asked of other players through VOIP while IN character.

4.2 – Communicating with other players should be limited to in-game voice, two-way-radios, and cell phones only. Use radios, call each other, text each other, make posts on Twitter. DO NOT communicate using outside methods, such as Discord Voice or DMs.

4.3 – Voice changers, soundboards, and music are prohibited in voice chat. (Streamer-friendly means NO copyrighted music!)


5.1 – Do not deviate from or abuse game mechanics in order to gain an advantage or cause an issue. (Example: Abusing emotes, cell phones, etc. when handcuffed or loaded inside a car to try to escape.)

5.2 – When you are downed, the only thing you can do is try to call for help. Do not communicate normally or call out things out to other players. Critically wounded people cannot carry out conversations.

5.3 – Do not intentionally kill yourself, get yourself killed, or log out in order to get out of a situation. This includes ending every police chase in a gunfight to avoid jail time.

5.4 – Do not drive at unrealistic speeds (100+) or perform extremely dangerous maneuvers often and/or without very good reason.

5.5 – Ass-pulling long guns and large melee weapons is forbidden. They may only be pulled when players are inside, or right next to the door/window of, a vehicle large enough to house the weapon. Even if they are in your inventory, unless they are visibly slinged to your body, they cannot be utilized without interaction with a vehicle as described above.


6.1 – Do not randomly attack another player without reason. (Gang-on-gang violence is allowed if identifiable clothing is worn or identifiable vehicles are driven.)

6.2 – Do not randomly ram your vehicle into other vehicles or pedestrians without reason.

6.3 – Do not attack, antagonize, harass, or bait a member of public safety for no reason. (Confronting law enforcement to create a diversion for another player is allowed.)


7.1 – Players shall perform all actions while taking the lives of themselves and others (including NPC peds) into consideration. Reckless behavior for no reason isn’t permitted.

7.2 – When you are picked up by a first responder, you cannot immediately sprint away or go back to what you were doing. You are in critical condition and might be fighting for your life. Your participation in the scenario leading up to it is over.

7.3 – Getting into constant high speed chases or gunfights is prohibited.


8.1 – POLICE STATIONS & HOSPITALS: These buildings and the surrounding areas (including annexed buildings, parking lots, and garages) are considered “safe zones” and cannot be intentionally attacked. Additionally, crime cannot occur if a trade is taking place in the parking lot of a PD.

8.2 – CASINO & ARCADE: The inside of the casino is a safe zone. As soon as you are through the front doors, all conflict must cease. Players cannot attack or rob one another while inside the casino. The driveway and parking lots are not protected.

8.3 – CRAFTING WORKBENCHES: Since players partaking in crafting will be inside menus and unable to see what is happening around them, areas which contain crafting workbenches, smelters, etc. are considered safe zones. Players can be robbed / attacked outside the vicinity of the benches (for example, outside the building or outside the general area if the bench is outdoors).

8.4 – If you respawn, your character has total amnesia relating to the events leading to their incapacitation. You cannot re-enter any ongoing scenarios which you were part of following your discharge from the hospital.


9.1 – Criminal activities, such as robberies and heists, are limited to four (4) players at any given time. This number includes lookouts/spotters, getaway drivers, sabotaging a power station, etc. If a criminal is killed or arrested, they are still a part of the scenario and cannot be replaced.

9.2 – If a criminal has no reason to believe they are wanted by police or has no reason to flee/resist an officer, they’re expected to be cooperative. Constantly fleeing from police or getting into shootouts with them for no reason is forbidden. No one flees at 90MPH to get out of a stop sign ticket.

9.3 – 911 Spamming is against the rules. One call per incident is the limit unless updated information / locations must be shared with first responders.

9.4 – Priority Cooldowns will exist until we have established a sufficient player base in the server. Priority calls are defined as robberies, police pursuits, police shootouts, and ongoing hostage situations. Only one priority call can occur at any given time and they should not be started until cooldown timers have ended.

9.5 – First responders and government employees are not allowed to violate criminal law (bank robberies, store robberies, carjacking, mugging, selling drugs, etc.). The only exception is an undercover officer/detective doing so in their official capacity.

9.6 – If a first responder unintentionally violates criminal laws or flagrantly violates/disregards traffic laws, they can (and at times absolutely should) be confronted and/or charged by law enforcement. They can (and at times should) also be suspended or terminated from their position.

9.7 – An arrested player can be afforded the option of bail should their crimes be of non-violent nature and should they cooperate without resisting. Bail can only be offered by a Police Officer at the rank of Sergeant and above. Bail will set at $1,000 per month (minute) and will not be refunded to the player.


10.1 – Anyone opening a small business that serves a critical purpose in the server will receive a one-time stimulus from the City of Los Santos as described below: – Fast Food / Diner ($10,000) – Club / Bar ($10,000) – Mechanic Shop ($50,000)

10.2 – Anyone opening a vehicle dealership in the server will receive a one-time stimulus from the City of Los Santos as described below IF THEY ARE THE FIRST.

10.2.a – Cheap Vehicles – $400,000
10.2.b – Work Vehicles – $500,000
10.2.c – Recreational Vehicles – $150,000
10.2.d – Super Vehicles – $5,000,000
10.2.e – Aircraft – $2,500,000
10.2.f – Boats – $1,000,000

10.3 – The Los Santos Police Department will receive quarterly funding from the State of San Andreas in the amount of $10,000,000. This is to be used for vehicle customization, upgrades, food/drink, car washes, gas, etc.

10.4 – Owners of businesses are free to spend their business’s money how they please. If their business runs out of funds and the owner is unable to fulfill the needs of other players, they will be fined and removed from their position as owner.

10.5 – Individuals who wish to own a business using a specific MLO that we don’t have are welcome to purchase it and donate it to the server. We will add it and grant them possession of the property.

10.6 – Whenever a new add-on vehicle is added into the server, applicable vehicle shop owners will receive one of that vehicle in their shop’s inventory for free.


11.1 – The following licenses will be available to new players without consulting administration or police:

11.1.a – Driver

11.1.b – Fishing
11.1.c – Boating
11.1.d – Diving
11.1.e – Medical Marijuana
11.1.f – Hunting

11.1.g – Weapon

11.2 – The following licenses must be obtained through interaction with a member of LSPD Command for the listed price below:

11.2.a – Pilot – $250,000

11.3 – Police Officers can revoke any of the licenses listed within this chapter. In order to re-obtain licensure, the player will have to speak to a member of LSPD Command.

11.4 – The fees to reinstate a license (if granted by a member of LSPD Command) are as follows:

11.4.a – Driver – $5,000

11.4.b – Fishing – $2,000
11.4.c – Boating – $2,000
11.4.d – Diving – $2,000
11.4.e – Medical Marijuana – $7,500
11.4.f – Hunting – $2,000
11.4.g – Weapon – $10,000


These rules can be modified by server administration as needed. No exceptions or accommodations shall be made for individuals who do not wish to adhere to our server rules.

Server administrators shall maintain uniform expectations and shall hold those who fail to meet them accountable. All enforcement actions taken will not take into consideration monetary donations of any kind. People who donate have to follow the same exact set of rules without extra leeway. Ignorance of any clearly written and published rule is not an excuse and all violations will be treated as if they are intentional.

Server administrators and server ownership reserve the right to take corrective action toward actions/behavior(s) which they deem to be disruptive, unacceptable or clearly detract from the fellow players’ experience, even if the actions/behavior(s) do not directly violate a rule or policy listed in this channel.