The =167= Clan was formed on April 26th, 2003 in the PC game Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead by Rick and a player named “DarkNimbus”. Soon after, the =167= Clan had its own single-page website through an old free host called Yahoo! Geocities. From there, the =167= Clan started to recruit and quickly established their own TeamSpeak 2 VOIP Server. By 2006, the =167= Clan had a much larger and more organized website and their own MOHAA: Spearhead Server.

Over the years, the =167= Clan won many scrimmages and two tournaments in MOHAA, including a national tournament sponsored by EA Games. As the Medal of Honor series aged, =167= expanded into other games including Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 4, World of Warcraft, Battlefield 3, Arma 2 DayZ Mod and APB: Reloaded.

When the =167= Clan was formed, Rick and Darknimbus wanted to provide members with a calm and enjoyable environment for like-minded gamers to spend their off-time. Our purpose hasn’t deviated since our founding in 2003.

While we are very organized and have a complex structure in place, people from the outside-looking-in may mistakenly believe that we are “too serious” or may mislabel us as “roleplayers”. These couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our extensive organization and structure serve as incentives for those who want to participate in something greater than themselves. We offer gamers an opportunity to take part in helping run the clan, while offering training and guidance in areas such as leadership and supervision. We have had members return years later to tell us that our structure prepared them for future employment and even military service.

While participation in a position of responsibility is never an expectation or requirement, it adds additional content that has been shown to encourage participation, camaraderie and retention within the clan. We pride ourselves on offering a unique place for gamers to be able to relax, unwind and if desired, improve their skills and talents both in and out of game.

Interested in finding out more about the =167= Clan? Feel free to join our Discord at:


To properly emphasize the age of the clan, we have compiled a short list of popular companies, devices, games and services that did not exist when =167= was founded.

     =167= Clan: April 26, 2003
 Steam: September 12, 2003
 Call of Duty (original): October 29, 2003
 Facebook: February, 2004
 World of Warcraft: November 23, 2004
 YouTube: February 14, 2005
 Twitter: March 21, 2006
 Justin TV (precursor to Twitch): October 10, 2006
 Windows Vista: January 30, 2007
 IPhone (First Gen): June 29, 2007
 Samsung Galaxy (Original): June 29, 2009
 Instagram: October 6, 2010
 Twitch TV: June 6, 2011
 Discord: May 13, 2015